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I am a wildlife artist and keen bird watcher. I work in a number of mediums such as acrylic, watercolour, drawing and collage as well as digitally. Behind each finished piece is field work – hours of watching and sketching birds from life until they are embeded in my mind's eye. This allows me to re imagine them into paintings which are themselves works of the imagination.

I intend my work to inspire the viewer and engage them with the natural world all around them. To this end I often choose subjects with a local resonance. Examples of this include urban wildlife in Belfast city centre. or, more recently, the ephemeral intertidal landscape of Strangford Lough

I am currently exploring the idea of migration as, while it is a local phenomenon, it also is a distant one in both time and space. We are fortunate to live in Northern Ireland where we are visited by birds from as far north as the arctic circle and as far south as Africa and south America. This seasonal coming and going has be part of life and culture here for as long as there have been people to witness it. I am just the latest in a long line of “watchers” stretching back for generations. The birds likewise are the latest in generations that go back into the far distant past.

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Latest News

January - February 2018

‘Close to Home’ at the Roe Valley Arts Centre, Limavady, continues until 25 January.

On Saturday 9th February I will be Taking a guest spot with North Down Craft Collective at their Valentines Fair at Holywood Old School. 10am - 4pm

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My printed cards. are available to purchase on line at Lovefromthe