Branta bernicla hrota

1 - 28th September 2018

The Loft, Portaferry

The Inuit name for them is nigliknak, in Iceland they are Margæs, here we call them Brent or, in irish, Gé dhubh or Gé ghuirainn. Internationally they go by the scientific name of Branta bernicla hrota – light bellied brent geese. To many local people who chat to me while I am sketching they are simply “the geese”.

Whatever name they go by, they are a bird that, through their arrivals and departures or their passing through, mark the turning of the seasons. Summer turns to autumn and winter turns to spring as they make their annual migrations between their wintering grounds here on Strangford lough and their breeding territories high in the Canadian arctic.

As This show opens brent are making this epic 2700 mile journey from the arctic. By time it finishes at the end of September, many hundreds will have arrived. By the end of October there will be thousands of brent and many thousands of other waders and wildfowl who have travelled far to winter here, giving us a wildlife spectacle on our doorstep.

Branta bernicla hrota