The addictive practice of Drawing

Although my work takes many different forms, they all have their origin in drawing, the deliriously addictive practice of mark making in all its forms. Sometimes it is responding directly to the natural world, while sketching out doors, sometimes it is thinking out loud – asking the paper if this idea in my head will work or not. Sometimes it is the more constrained business of digital drawing, pulling and pushing vector shapes until they feel right.

There is an immediacy to drawing, a child like sense of fun, that frees the artist from rendering the world as it looks to the eye an allows a personal translation of reality into graphic elements of line and shape. This comes about so naturally it is easy to take for granted, to overlook how interesting it is that one person can trail marks on a page and another person can read those marks as signifying something from the world. The older I get the more astounding and interesting I find this becomes

pencil and watercolour drawing of little egrets
digital drawing of a scottish wildcat
cartoon drawing about barn owls