Digital Drawing, a valuable new part of my practice

Digital Drawing as a Means to an End

I first started digital drawing as a means to design my paper art creations. Digital drawing enables me to quickly prototype my paper designs. I can easily adjust where they don’t work and test again. Once satisfied with the design, I can create files thatcan be printed onto the final paper. This keeps my production pieces to a consistent standard. I am easily able to revisit designs when I think an improvement is possible. Increasingly I have been using digital drawing to make one off exhibition pieces.

Digital Drawing becomes an enjoyable and valuable part of my practice

My digital drawing skills have developed over the years to the extent that I now enjoy the process. As a result a steadily growing range of gtreetings cards has emerged. My natural drive towards simplification works well here. I am able to create simple shapes and forms whilst retaining the characteristics that make a species identifiable. This is only possible for me because of the direct experience in nature and the study of species through drawing from life.

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