Wildlife Stories – a Way to Tell You ALL THE THINGS!

Rediscovering Cartoons and making Stories

After many years fruitlessly seeking some kind of gravitas in my work, a comic book illustration evening class a few years ago reconnected me with my cartoon drawing self. I immediately became excited about the possibilities of the cartoon form to tell wildlife stories.

Cartoons, graphic story, sequential art – whatever you want to call it has helped me work with two opposing truths about my work. I want to simplify, but I also want to include everything! Good graphic storytellers only put what is necessary into any one panel. This has been a lesson I keep learning over and over. Yet the fact that there is a story means there is also the potential for me to indulge my desire to include everything. Wildlife Stories – a way to tell you ALL THE THINGS!

I am a begining and hesitant student of the graphic story form, but I am excited to bring those experiences I have in nature, and the mark making done in the moment and try to apply graphic storytelling to wildlife subjects.

Finding Wildlife Stories

My practice of drawing in the field is a constant source of new ideas. Sometimes a funny scenario plays out while I watch. Sometimes I elaborate and imagine a story from what I have seen. Sometimes I plunge into research to make something more ambitious such as “Shearwater”, which can be seen over in my projects section.

A gallery of stories

Here are a few of my cartoons. Some are available as prints which are smaller than the originals. If you are interested in these or would like to commission a piece, please drop me a line to let me know. If you are local, the Craft Room in Newtownards stocks some of my prints.